Q: What is the difference between a sponsored and an unsponsored visa?
A: A sponsored visa is issued through an individual or company in Bahrain, or through a national embassy, while an unsponsored visa (e-visa) can be obtained directly by the traveler. Visit https://www.evisa.gov.bh/VISA/visaInput?nav=A0S&A0S=a to find the types of visa you’re eligible for.

Q: What is an e-visa for Bahrain?
A: An e-visa is an electronic visa that allows citizens from a number of countries enter Bahrain for a specific length of time.

Q: What countries are eligible for an e-visa?
A: Please refer to here for the list of e-visa eligible countries.
Q: What documents do I need to apply for an e-visa?
A: All you need is a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Bahrain and a debit or credit card to pay the visa fee. You’ll need to scan or take a photo of the information page in your passport to upload it to the application.

Q: Do I need to have a ticket for Bahrain before applying for the e-visa?
A: No. It’s not necessary to book a flight ticket before applying for your e-visa.

Q: Can children included in parent’s passports apply for an e-visa?
A: If you’re traveling to Bahrain with children who are endorsed in your passport, you shouldn’t apply for an e-visa. Instead you should get your visa on arrival if you’re eligible, or go to an embassy. Your children will be included in your visa at no additional cost.

Q: How long is an e-visa valid for?
A: It’s valid for 30 days from the approval date. But bear in mind that once you arrive in Bahrain you can’t stay more than 14 days in the country. However, citizens from United Kingdom or Ireland can stay up to 3 months.

Q: How will I receive my e-visa?
A: You’ll receive your e-visa approval by email. However you don’t need to print it since the e-visa is automatically linked to your passport.

Q: What happens if I made a mistake in my application?
A: If your application has been processed you won’t be able to amend the mistake or cancel the application. Make a new application or contact the company with which you’ve applied for your e-visa for assistance.