Our Mission

For over 40 years our travel agency has sent thousands of travelers, students and businessmen around the world. Through our experience of sending clients around the world, we realized one of the main impediments for travel to certain countries was government visa paperwork. Some countries make the bureaucratic process of getting a visa so painful that travelers simply avoid these countries.

We love travel and as a full service travel agency we always help people or organizations to visit any country they wish. So we scoured the Internet and talked to our local contacts at government consulates and embassies. In the end the visa process is usually simple (well, Russia is the exception that proves the rule). We realized that the main problem is the lack of a central information source where we could quickly find the information needed. Wikipedia and the travel blogs help, but they provide scattered information only. There are lots of visa service providers, but not all of them are trustworthy.

My father founded the travel agency and I wanted to make my mark in the company. With some technological expertise and a passion for travel, I have started this project. The aim is to help travelers by being the number one source of non-biased information on the travel visa and passport process. We want to be your Document Advisor! We have started with touristic countries like Argentina Reciprocity Fee, Turkey e-Visa, USA ESTA or Australia ETA. Our goal is to cover all countries one day. If you need help on a certain country, please Contact Us. We would love to make your travel dream come true.

Sergio Merino
DocumentAdvisor Cofounder