Turkey E Visa Application

Most visitors to Turkey are required to obtain a tourist visa for Turkey to enter the country. Luckily there are online services that allow you to process this visa quickly and safely. If you want to save time, get your Turkey e-Visa now at iVisa.com, our editor’s choice to obtain the Turkey visa.

As of April 2014, tourist visas can no longer be purchased upon arrival. All visitors requiring an e-Visa must buy it online, print it and present it together with their passport or identity card upon the Turkey entry. We recommend you to apply through https://turkishvisa.com

  • This tourist visa, formerly known as “sticker visa”, could previously be issued at the border crossing of the Turkish airport upon arrival. Travelers just needed to arrive in the country with their valid passport or identity card, pay the fee, and an official would place a sticker inside the passport. However, given the long lines and waiting times at the border crossings, the Turkish government decided to implement the Electronic Visa or “e-Visa” in 2013, which replaces the traditional sticker visa.
  • The e-Visa is just for tourist or business visits of up to 90 days. If you have other purposes, such as work or long term study, you need to apply at the Turkish consulates or embassies in your country.
  • Eligible travelers will need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Turkey.
  • The cost and validity of the e-Visa varies depending on the country of origin.

Steps to Apply for the Turkey eTourist Visa:

  1. Go to iVisa.com and apply for the Turkey eTourist Visa
  2. Complete all the required applicant details
  3. Pay for the tourist visa
    That’s it, you only need to pay and you are done. We used American Express, but they also accept MasterCard, VISA credit/debit cards and PayPal.

When your order is processed you will receive an email containing the e-Visa in a pdf document.

You will need to print this document and present it at the border crossing in Turkey where an official will place a sticker inside your passport.

IMPORTANT: The US State Department strongly encourages American citizens planning international travel to register with the US Embassy(s) in the countries they plan to visit. You can do that by visiting iVisa.com